For over 57 years Shaw has endeavored to be the best in the industry. Our mission to create buildings and relationships that last, is only possible with our valued quality subcontractor partners.

To maintain a high level of performance and to provide great value to our customers, we frequently assess the stability and qualifications of our subcontractor relationships. Shaw requires all subcontractors be prequalified annually in order to receive invitations to bid for upcoming projects.

Our prequalification process is administered through TradeTapp. Please submit the information requested below to receive an invitation to complete the prequalification form. Should you have any questions, please email preconstruction@shawconstruction.net. We assure we will keep your information confidential.

Please take a moment to read a message from the President's of Shaw Construction before submitting your prequalification form. We take this process seriously and look forward to working with you in the future!