We are committed to providing the highest quality service to every client. Regardless of a project’s size or budget, our management oversees all phases of a job from core services through post-construction including a strategic project approach for planning, consulting, budgets and scheduling. At Shaw Construction, we will provide you with professionalism, integrity and unmatched quality. It’s our commitment to each and every client.

We are committed to your vision.


The Shaw team drives each portion of the project while maintaining high-quality standards, driven schedules and we have the resources necessary to competitively self-perform these three trades: concrete, masonry and framing. The quality of these elements are correlated to the success of the project, and we offer top craftsmanship and innovative work. Our specialists offer the highest quality of service and our skills provide us with control over any unseen problems or variables as we maintain and operate our own formwork and equipment, have a highly qualified team of specialists as well as steadfast partnerships with the most highly-skilled subcontractors. We always work towards the best interest of the owner and the success of the project with full heart and a commitment to detail.


At Shaw Construction preconstruction is about more than dollars and cents; it’s about vision and partnership. Every job is unique and we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to creating a project or defining a budget. By getting to know you first, we are then able to deliver a world-class structure – without ever sacrificing quality and by seeing your vision through to the final product. We are savvy when it comes to analysis of overall strategies and goals, and understand that current market conditions impact cost and scheduling. As unrivaled pioneers in the application of building technologies, we are confident in our ability to create and build your landmark structure.

Preconstruction to us means collaboration.


For nearly a decade, Shaw has embraced the power of Building Information Modeling, Virtual Design and Construction. Coordinating systems digitally with a few key BIM modelers prior to starting work in an area has proven repeatedly to save time and money by solving virtual problems before they become real life problems. Re-routing a fire sprinkler branch line or a HVAC trunk line in a model is much cheaper, easier and quicker to do before the pipe or duct is fabricated and installed. Finding out that an equipment room is too small for the planned equipment long before the foundation is poured assures owners and design teams have the most relevant information and the best options to make decisions. VDC Services:

  • 3D site Logistics Planning
  • 4D Model/Schedule
  • Modeling
  • Coordination
  • Quantity Take Off
  • Constructability Review


Any product as large and complex as a new building may require modifications and/or adjustments. Some of these adjustments will be covered under the warranty, and some will be the owner’s responsibility as general maintenance items. Shaw will walk your team through the building and warranty process to ensure your facility personnel understands how and when to seek help on an issue.


We know that construction has a larger impact and we have always been pioneers in building smarter when it comes to the environment. Sustainable and green building practices have been a part of standard operating procedures at Shaw long before the USA Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy Design (LEED) were designated. Shaw was one of the first in North America to win LEED designation in 1999.

Since our inception we have remained committed to being knowledgeable leaders on green codes and innovative practices: we build teams to minimize environmental impacts on our projects with waste management, conserving natural resources, parking, driving lanes, pollution prevention, renewable materials, job site air quality and controlled storage areas, all of which are implemented on each of our project sites.

We believe in creating a legacy not a carbon footprint.


Ensuring quality at every stage of construction is key to a successful project. At Shaw, we follow our 1, 2, 3 QA/QC Process to Plan, Implement and Document the quality of the work we put in place. With an Electronic QA/QC program, our field staff use their tablets with access to most current project documents to notify team members of deficiencies, to perform first install inspections, and to perform other regular inspections for each area of work prior to the next trade starting their scope. We can review drawings, submittals and specifications, describe deficiencies, take pictures, link drawings, mark up drawings/pictures, automatically notify, track, correct and close deficiencies all with a tablet in the field.